Slings can be hired at any of our meets. If you are planning to come to a meet and want to try ,and perhaps to hire a particular carrier please make sure you book this in advance. We do not take all the stock to every meet and popular items may already be out on hire. We generally do all hires at meets but it may be possible for a doorstep to be arranged. If these involve fitting then a charge applies.
 2 way stretch
£10 for 4 weeks
Hybrid stretch wrap[ Close Caboo]
£15 for 4 weeks
£15 for 4 weeks
Ring Slings
£10 for 4 weeks for basic brands, £15 for patterns/ premium brands
Mei Dais and Oriental Carriers
£10 for 4 weeks
Wrap Mei Dais
£15 for 4 weeks
Buckle Carriers and Half Buckles
£15 for up to 4 weeks
Toddler Buckle Carriers
£15 for up to 4 weeks
Twin Buckle Carriers
£20 for up to 4 weeks
Shorter holiday hires are also possible. Up to 7 days is £5 for all carriers except the Twingo and £10 for 7-14 days.
Returns are the responsibility of the hirer and you need to arrange to do this by the agreed date. Returns are made to the same location as the carrier was borrowed from at the next monthly meet. If for any reason you cannot do this then it is possible by arrangement to return to my home prior to the due date.
Late fees are charged at the discretion of the library- for example if by mutual agreement it is agreed in advance that you will return to the next meet at a different location that will take you over your hire period ,then no late fees are charged. If however, you fail to contact us and miss the meet and returning your carrier then late fees will apply.,
If the carrier is not already booked in advance it may be possible to extend a hire period, please message in advance to organise this.
Late fees 1-7 days inclusive £10
8-14 days £15
15- 22 days £20
Missing parts charged at cost and postage when they can be replaced [ eg chest straps,hoods]. If a missing part means the carrier needs to be retired then the hirer is liable for the cost of a new replacement.
Damages– this will be assessed and if it results in a carrier being retired the hirer will be charged with the cost of replacement.
All slings that are hired are packed in a cloth bag which should be returned with the carrier- missing bags will result in a charge of £1.

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