How to Hire

Hiring from Salisbury Sling Hire is straightforward. Decide which carrier you wish to try. Contact us to check if it is available and to arrange collection. Please fill out a hire form and bring it with you when you collect if possible.

Fees can be paid by cash or Paypal- a deposit and fortnight in advance hiring cost is required prior to collection. We will make arrangements for the return when you collect the carrier. Returns can be arranged to be made directly to Carol or at a Sling Meet. After the return it will be checked and if all in order your deposit refunded. If you return it to a Sling Meet the return of your deposit may take a day or two as the carrier has to be then got back to Carol and Aimee , our treasurer, notified to process the deposit refund.

You do no need to wash your carrier before returning, indeed we ask you not to wash it! We expect babies to dribble and posset- such marks you  can spot clean with plain water and a cloth or sponge. Any lasting stains we will deal with.


2 Responses to How to Hire

  1. Adriena Kucserova says:

    Hi, when and where could I try out different slings to be ankle to decide which to hire? I just seen you had a coffee skiing meeting yesterday, when would be the next one?

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