More About Woven Wraps

A woven wrap is a long, strong piece of material used to carry your baby, you ‘wrap your baby’ to you. These wraps come in various lengths and are suitable for front, back and hip carries so can be used for all age babies and toddlers. They are completely adjustable to your shape and can be worn in a host of ways so are the most flexible of all the carriers. The material composition and weave differs across wraps, so you can exercise a high degree of personal choice with this option. These can be some of the most expensive of carriers with limited edition and luxury fabrics being offered. However, a basic 3.5 metre wrap can be found for about £50 and good quality second hand ones can be bought for less, so there is an option for are options for all budgets. This carrier gets better with use, the fabric becomes softer and easier to tighten and tie therefore it is always best to wash a new wrap before you use it.

Because of the variety of sizes woven wraps  can tend to confuse anyone new to baby wearing. Different sizes are needed for different carrying positions and different sized adults. If starting out a size 6 is a good all round wrap size which will do most carriers for most people. New wearers should aim to just master the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), as it is a good starting carry. We have various video links to wrapping on our Facebook page but will happily help you with using your wrap at meets.


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