What You Need To Know About Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps are one single piece of fabric that is really stretchy. You tie it around you and your baby to hug them closely to your body in a front carry. It is therefore really useful for prem babies and babies who are still needing lots of parent contact. Most parents of newborns start off with a stretchy wrap. They are a reasonably cheap option when it comes to baby wearing and it is easy to manipulate them in order to learn the art of wrapping. Not all stretchy wraps are the same, when considering buying one you need to think about the weight of the material, the stretch and elasticity and the density of the fabric. You will find some are cotton, some silk, some bamboo and some viscose mix. New brands like Hana Baby have a two way stretch which is considered much more supportive and so can be used for older children. When wrapping with a two way stretch wrap you need to ensure it is nice and snug at the start.


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