More About Ring Slings

Ring slings are simple, versatile and useful from newborn to a toddler. A long piece of fabric[ usually 2 metres] is threaded through two rings and pulled tight to secure the fit. A little one is carried in the close to kiss front position and a toddler can be carried on your hip. Some are made from stretchy fabric and others from standard cotton but they are usually made using woven wrap fabric that has a certain amount of give.

Striped ring slings can be easier to adjust for beginners, especially if the colours vary across the fabric. Preparing the fabric so it passes freely through the rings enables you to tighten the carrier at different levels to get a perfect fit.

It is possible to have a pocket in the tail or your sling for carrying keys and phone and some have a padded rail on one side which is useful if you are planning to use it for carrying a toddler. A ring sling can double as a feeding cover, folds up small and so is useful for keeping in the changing bag for when it is needed. There are also ring slings made for using in water so perfect for taking a shower or at the swimming pool.

It is easy to construct your own ring sling, although be sure to buy genuine ring slings that have been tested for the purpose.

Ring slings retail for around £50 and bargains can be found. We have a basic plain and some lovely patterned ring slings available to try and even a toy one in case your little one wants to be like mummy..


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