Isara Toddler Carrier Test Run

13621788_10157201196640360_1258524559_oI was eagerly anticipating trying this new buckle carrier. Designed by a mum, who is also a baby wearing consultant, the Isara toddler carrier does not disappoint. Its adjustability, comfort and ease of use make it a fantastic option for all baby wearers. Without any doubt, my kids and I give it a thumbs up.

My first impressions were good. Lots of padding in all the right places, more on shoulder straps than I’ve seen on other buckles carriers and plenty around the waist, and as expected, it made this carrier comfortable on longer excursions. That said, because it is a buckle carrier it’s quick and easy to let down older toddlers, who want to to walk briefly before some respite in the sling a moment later!

There are thoughtful details such as adjustable clips to hook the removable sleep hood onto and the velcro panel, which you can move to make the seat of this carrier suitable from baby to toddler. It was both easy and comfortable to use for both my children, the toddler (24lb and 73cm) and petit pre-schooler (32lb and 91cm) and effortless to adjust for both. It can be used for front, hip and back carries and the padding under the children’s knees is exceptionally generous and comfortable and keeps them (all ages) in the ideal frog – legged position.

The Isara is available in a variety of colourful panel designs or as a wrap conversion in several eye-catching colours. This panel is adjustable lengthwise so when carrying an older child you can easily lengthen the back of the carrier to make it more comfortable for both them and you.


Brilliantly easy to adjust to fit different sizes

Great colours and eye catching designs

Option to have wrap conversion fabric

Super comfy for both parent and child

Sleep inducing


Wanting/needing more than one colour For me the adjustability and the brilliance of the design out way this potential con

Would the velcro to lose it’s stickiness if the seat was adjusted multiple times on a daily basis…

If you have a pocket on your current buckle carrier you might notice the absence of one on the Isara.

Possibly too hot for the very hottest of days.

In summary – can we keep it?


A big thank you to Lucy and her children for test driving the Isara. Love to be Natural are the UK stockist of the Isara.

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