What Matters To Me About Babywearing

What matters about babywearing to me is just that- you are baby wearing and you and your baby are benefitting from this. There are all sorts of ways to do this and what suits you, your baby and your life style is what will be right for you.
When you come to ask advice I always try to go from what you have and see if we can make it work for you. It is why if you come with a narrow base carrier I will show you the scarf trick and if you think your carrier is too small for your baby I will look to see if we can adjust it to address your concerns.If you want a ‘summer carrier’ I may gently question to see how necessary that is and if adjusting levels of clothing will just answer your needs.
The only time I will say no to what you have is if it is unsafe.

For example:

Any carrier where a tiny baby,who does not have head support, is in a cradle position is a no no for me. A prem baby needs to be in a carrier that has been tested for low birthweight babies and a baby of 10 months or so, will not be held tight enough in a big toddler carrier. A baby with hip problems needs to be in a carrier that supports them from knee to knee. 

It is good to think of baby carriers like jeans………. we all have our favourites, we find different styles and brands suit us best,  but it doesn’t mean that what suits me will suit you. It is why a library is a great way to find the right carrier, as you are able to try without a salesperson trying to sell you something, we do not have to promote one brand above another. It also gives room for trial and error without a huge cost outlay.

So when you come to a meet I will ask you to tell me your story, as then I can use this information to guide you towards a carrier that will be the perfect one for you. It may be the same as your friend is using but it may be something quite different!


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