Here Comes Summer

As we approach May thoughts turn to the Summer and holidays, and I often receive requests for holiday carriers. Being able to reserve and borrow slings for special outings is one of the benefits of having a local library. We aim to have a range of carriers available that will suit parents who make trips to warmer climes, as well as for those going to places where pushchairs will be a hindrance rather than a help. So whether you are off to the Med, Centre Parks or just plan a weekend in London do come and see us at our meets to find the perfect carrier to borrow.

Some parents wonder when buying a carrier at this time if they should focus on a warm weather carrier. In the main the answer is probably not. As I write this it has just begun to hail, and if we face facts, bad weather is more likely in an English Summer than temperatures in the 30’s. If and when we do get a scorcher, you are more likely to be relaxing in a cool place with a cold drink than taking a 5 mile trek carrying your baby, so what carrier you have is immaterial. If you plan to just own one carrier, then I would say focus on fit rather than making ‘good in warm weather’ your number one priority.

Many buckle carriers now have mesh panels that unzip to enable you to have the best of both worlds. It could be worth considering the Lillebaby All Seasons, The Moby Aria or the JPMBB Physio carrier as your primary sling as then it can be used comfortably whatever the weather.

If you are a collector of carriers, then it may be worth considering adding a different sling to your collection, one that is good to use on very hot days and gives you a different carrying option. A muslin or bamboo ring sling may be a useful addition if you mainly use a buckle carrier or Mei Tai. A ring sling is lighter and babe tends to sit more to the hip so there is more room for additional air circulation. If you normally use a longer cotton wrap for front or back carries then a silk or linen blend shorter wrap that enables you to do hip carriers could be a worth trying or a gauze wrap in your normal size so that you have cooler layers over you and your child on hot days. A mesh Fil’up instead of your normal cotton stretch wrap will keep you both cool when- and if – the temperatures soar.

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